Packbawky Pictures

packbawky (n): any species of loud, bumptious urban bird. Roams in packs; responsible for most bird-lime-on-head incidents. Examples of the dreaded packbawky include gulls, grackles, pigeons, and starlings.

pictures (n): two-dimensional visual representations of things — in this case, birds.

I like birds. I like to take pictures. Here are my bird pictures. (So far, the list is limited to my favourites of 2012, all of which are commonplace yardbirds. Stay tuned for my further birding adventures.)

Favourites of 2012

House Sparrows
Gulls & Crows
Flickers, Finches, Song Sparrows, a Heron, and a Hawk

These pictures are free to use. If you use them, please give me credit. My name’s Socar Myles.

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