Favourite Birds of 2012: Gulls & Crows

Please note that gulls and crows are not, in fact, among my favourite birds. If I had to pick a favourite, it would definitely be the wallcreeper. No — the shoebill stork. Or maybe the pauraque…but, wait, that leaves the frogmouth. No. There are too many. Who could choose? Anyhow, crows and gulls don’t even make the top ten. These are just favourite pictures of perfectly commonplace birds.

One further note: unfortunately, I can’t identify most of these gulls. It came to my attention, this summer, that I’d been chronically mislabelling the wee buggers: couldn’t tell a herring gull from a glaucous-winged, and heaven forbid I should spot an immature one — and I had to go and photograph them in black and white, so forget about using their beak and eye colours as a guide. (If you can identify them, do drop me a note. I’d like to know, for my own edification, if nothing else.)

The crows are all regular old American crows: no further explanation required.

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