Not a Pink Bird

10,000 Birds, one of the best bird blogs on the Internet, has dubbed this weekend Pink Bird Weekend, and is updating accordingly. I mention this because

a) who doesn’t love pink birds?

and b) it’s my civic duty, as proprietor one of the worst bird blogs on the Internet, to try and horn in on the fun, with a bird that isn’t even pink.



By the way, Mr. Finch, nice table manners.

From the Department of Bad Behaviour: this morning, my least favourite bird poked his head in my window, and dropped a beakful of moss on the floor. I suppose I should be glad he didn’t poke his OTHER end in, and deposit something worse. Gulls!

From the Department of WTF: the other day, I was trying to listen to the news, when a smallish double-propeller plane decided to circle the downtown/False Creek area repeatedly, at a low altitude, spoiling my news-listening experience with its droning. I took a couple of pictures (you know, in case it crashed later, and accident investigators needed pictures, to help work out what happened), but I didn’t get round to looking at them till today. Upon zooming in, I noticed the word “SURVEILLANCE” emblazoned on its side, in great block letters, along with some sort of shield, and a Canadian flag. Lovely: a Big Brother plane. Stop watching me.

From the Department of Urban Pugilism: yesterday evening, some bald fellow invaded the apartment five floors below mine, and yelled at the tenant, as far as I could discern, for denting his car. He then chased said tenant across the courtyard, and off down the seawall. I shouted “Oi! You! Stop that!”, but nobody listened. I wasn’t eavesdropping, by the way. I was already on my balcony, watching the little sparrows get fed, when the shit hit the fan. I hope Car Dent Man didn’t get caught. Baldy looked quite dangerous. I should’ve got his picture, in case the police came round. Ah, well. Probably a good thing I didn’t. He might’ve heard the shutter, and decided to threaten me, instead.

From the Department of Bees: There’s a bee, in here.

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