Horrible Zombird

A sudden cloudburst, this morning, sent all the birds scuttling for cover. This unfortunate crow ended up on my balcony, disrupting a family of equally bedraggled sparrows. When the crow arrived, rather than braving the weather, the sparrows bunched together in the ivy, and waited for it to go away. Very unusual, for them: ordinarily, when a large bird arrives, they’re off like rockets. Unless said large bird’s a pigeon, of course. They don’t mind pigeons. Probably because pigeons’ beaks don’t open wide enough to admit a struggling sparrow. Gulls and crows, on the other hand — well, they seem more interested in seed, but you never can tell.

Aagh!  It's the zombie crowpocalypse!

Aagh! It’s the zombie crowpocalypse!

If this crow pecks you, you turn into…ehh, a flying zombie? Yes. A flying zombie. Imagine the possibilities!

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