There were bushtits in the garden again, today. I’ve started to notice a pattern, with bushtits in the garden: they only show up on rainy days. They swoop in, great peepy flocks of them, and carome drunkenly from tree to bush to balcony. They jump in puddles, and clip themselves onto bare branches, wings still beating, so the raindrops fly off their backs. If I didn’t know better, I’d imagine they were playing in the water. Boisterous wee buggers, and too fast for photography (or, at least, too fast for me. I wonder if I’d have better luck snapping tiny, swift birds if I’d honed my skills on violent videogames, the sort where you shoot people in droves, with extra points for headshots — the sort where I end up staring at the ceiling or banging into walls, while other players collect the bounty on my head? Pew-pew-pew!).

In other news, when I woke up this morning, there was a spider in my hair. I suspect it was trying to get in my ear. You hear about spiders getting in people’s ears, and refusing to come out. I don’t like the idea of a spider in my ear, so I shook it carefully out of my hair (so as not to break off any legs), and squashed it into the carpet.

Finally, the lift’s back in service, so regular birdly updates shall resume forthwith! Or…well, as soon as the rain stops. I’m not a fan of getting rained upon, any more than I’m a fan of spider-in-ear action. I was going to upload a video of hundreds of crows flying to their night roost (and directly over my head), in the meantime, but I couldn’t figure out how to make the file small enough to upload. So, crows perhaps to follow, too; crows, bushtits, sparrows, and whatever else I can scare up, upon my return to the great outdoors.

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