Birding with Mother

This bird stayed high above our heads.  We didn't get a good look.

This bird stayed high above our heads. We didn’t get a good look.

“Eh, Mother, look up there! There’s a hummingbird!”



“Where, there?”

“Way up there, see, at the top of that tree. That wee sticking-up bit that looks like a leaf. That’s a hummingbird.”

“How do you know that’s a bird?”

“I saw it land. It was buzzing about — bzz, bzz — and now it’s sitting in that tree. See? I took a picture of it. You can see its beak. But it’s too high up; I can’t see what kind it is.”

“Oh, there it goes.”

“Yep; it’s buzzing round that other tree, now….”

And that went on for a while. We never did get a good look at the hummingbird — but I must say, even at a great distance, they do look rather enchanting, darting about as they do. I’m trying out a hummingbird feeder this week, so I might get a decent shot, yet.

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