Birdie Bogroll

Here, we have the avian equivalent of coming out of the loo with a bit of bogroll stuck to one's heel.  How embarrassing!

Here, we have the avian equivalent of coming out of the loo with a bit of bogroll stuck to one’s heel. How embarrassing!

Today was a bit of a flop, on the getting-things-done front — sorry, Mother. No outdoor snaps, today. I meant to go outside, but then Keeping Up Appearances came on, and Daisy was complaining about how much she hates tidying up. That put me in mind of how badly I needed to tidy up, so I got sucked into an all-consuming cleaning spiral, and nothing else got done. Well, work still got done, but nothing besides that.

My favourite crow stopped by, a couple of times, bringing His Supreme Loudness (the little one) along. The first time they showed up was right around the crack of dawn, and someone nearby wasn’t happy: halfway through the feeding, a great cry of “Shut uuuuuuuuup!” came wailing from below — to no avail, of course. The squawking continued. I swear, that wee bird doesn’t even stop to swallow. It takes a bite and gulps it down, and somehow maintains a strangled cawing, throughout the entire operation. And between bites, of course, it’s full-throated squawking, all the way. I tried to quiet it down with conversation (mostly along the lines of “Good morning, Your Loudness! Enjoying your breakfast?”), but it seemed thoroughly uninterested in anything I had to say. It fell silent for maybe a second, glanced at me, and just as quickly dismissed me. Ah, well. I was up, anyway.

In other news, I witnessed a bitter cormorant battle, this afternoon. I was on my balcony, unfortunately, and the cormorants were in the water — too far away for photography. But there were three of them involved, going at one another like cats and dogs, churning up the water all around. Somebody on a boat broke them up with an oar. I thought they might return to their dispute, once the boatman moved on, but by that time, they seemed to have got over their differences. Probably for the best.

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