Are you trying to cheat, Internet?

I have no birds to report, today. The rain continues unabated, and I’ve (nerd alert!) rolled a one on my willpower check: I shan’t be venturing out. Critical miss!

I do have an observation, however, and a followup question (or two):

Observation: lately, a lot of people have been typing “my favourite bird sparrow” and “a paragraph on my favourite bird sparrow” into Google, and arriving, well, here. Hello, Googlers. Hi! (You can’t see me, but I’m doing an obnoxious little fingertips-only wave.)

Followup question: Is there a class out there, somewhere — a primary school class, I’d presume — that’s been assigned the task of writing a paragraph on why sparrows are their favourite birds?

Followup followup question: If such a class exists, are the students hoping to find such a paragraph here, and use it to avoid doing any work?

Oh — and a warning:

Warning: Should such a class exist, and should you be in it, I’d abandon any notion of plagiarism (from this site, at least). More than twenty of your friends have beaten you to the punch. If you all show up with paragraphs on how sparrows are nice, and all, but if you leave the window overlooking the birdfeeder open, you might find one in bed with you…it might look a mite suspicious.

That is all.

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