A spot of good news, at last!

When the crow failed to show up for dinner, yesterday evening, I was sure he must have died, but nope! He’s just popped by for lunch, and I’m glad to report he’s looking somewhat better.

As long as he's still eating, one might hold out hope!

As long as he’s still eating, one might hold out hope!

I mean, you can see he’s not a happy crow: he’s all bunched up, and his feathers aren’t looking so tidy. He ate weakly and slowly. But he was sitting on the feeder, today, instead of lying in it. His eyes were bright, where before, they were gummed nearly shut. And when he took off, he jumped over the railing, instead of crawling under it. He didn’t do the usual takeoff bounce (where he jumps up on the railing, then pushes off with a mighty leap into the sky), but that might well be a good sign — a sign he’s learning to compensate for his injured leg.

I made an executive decision not to try and catch him, this time (or even to approach, for a better look). I wanted him to eat as much as he could, undisturbed. Frightening him away seemed like it might do more harm than letting him go.

Here’s hoping I see him again later, or tomorrow!

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